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UNTOUCHED LEADS FOR SALE Purchase overflow leads today. Receive them shortly after. These leads have not been sold to any other agent. Click Here to View Available Overflow Leads Direct Mail Senior Market Leads Your source for quality leads from a company you can trust. Final Expense, Medicare, Turning 65, Annuity leads Direct Mail prospecting results in the highest closing rate at the lowest cost per lead. Final Expense, Medicare, Turning 65, Annuity leads Product knowledge. Presentation. Prospecting. It takes three key ingredients to be successful in the senior market. Final Expense, Medicare, Turning 65, Annuity leads Grow your business with a company you can trust! Final Expense, Medicare, Turning 65, Annuity leads Define Success... Slide

How can Need-A-Lead help you grow your business?

Senior Insurance Direct Mail Leads

Insurance companies, IMO’s, and agents nationwide have been using our lead generation campaigns to grow their businesses, achieve their sales goals, and produce the income they desire for more than 34 years. Our longevity is a result of our understanding of the senior market, what it takes to produce field-tested and proven mailers that have fantastic closing ratios, and the needs of the agents in the senior insurance market. Need-A-Lead makes prospecting easy! We utilize our years of experience marketing to seniors to generate a steady flow of qualified leads.

Senior Market Leads

Complete turnkey campaigns with proven results

We realize you have a lot of choices for lead generation in the senior market. Since 1982, Need-A-Lead has been offering highly competitive costs and turnaround times to agents like you.

Why Choose Need-A-Lead

Why use NEED-A-LEAD to generate your direct mail leads?

With more than 78 million baby boomers in the senior market today, direct mail still offers the best return on investment when you need specifically targeted prospects. Our direct mail campaigns will help you target your products and services to potential clients using specific demographics as well as geographic areas.

Direct Mail Senior Market Leads

We do not resell leads, so there’s no risk your mailer will end up with another agent’s name on it. Every lead is 100% exclusive to you. All mailed areas are also exclusive to you for 90 days.

With more than 55 years of combined experience in marketing, selling and generating leads in the senior market, Need-A-Lead has been producing direct mail leads for insurance agents for decades. We understand the importance that quality leads play in producing insurance sales.

Our customers are the lifeblood of our business! We are dedicated to delivering the absolute best service possible to ensure your experience with each campaign is successful.

Access your lead orders and returns online with our new and improved leads management and database system.

Data is the key component of every mailing. We purchase a fresh mailing list for every mailing to ensure deliverability, national change of address, and other updates. The data on our lists is more complete than many other lead generation companies, and agents notice the difference. We’re able to get you in front of new prospects that you’ve never seen before.

There’s no charge to receive hard copies of your returned mailers. Many other lead generation companies add an extra charge, but not us!


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testimonial01 01 WHAT OUR CUSTOMERS ARE SAYING Just a brief memo to let you know that your direct mail lead system has worked very well indeed. The demographics have been right on target, and I especially like the fact that the return has still been very good while eliminating the sometimes confusing reference to Social Security. That is pretty impressive considering this state is a very heavily mailed market for Final Expense. D.W. Clark, Texas testimonial02 02 WHAT OUR CUSTOMERS ARE SAYING I have been running leads for the past twenty years while in the insurance business, and I can say without a doubt that Need-A-Lead’s leads have been the most effective ones that I have had the opportunity to utilize. L.D. Sanders, Louisiana testimonial03 03 WHAT OUR CUSTOMERS ARE SAYING The relationship between an agent and their lead company is vital to their success in the insurance industry. From the time that my agency began using Need-A-Lead over two years ago, we have absolutely been blown away by the results. Brady, Cheryl, and the rest of the staff at Need-A-Lead have gone above and beyond to take care of us. I have used other lead sources in the past, but none have come close to the performance, service, and reliability that I have received through Need-A-Lead. T. Weaver, Oklahoma