5 Benefits of a Lead Management System

Marketing leads are essential for any business to thrive, but this is especially true for insurance sales. Since getting leads is such an essential part of your business’s success, it makes sense that you would want to keep your leads organized, accessible, and ready to contact whenever you need to. A lead management system allows you to do just that. 

When you hire Need-A-Lead for your lead generation campaign, you get access to our new and improved Lead Management System. Our Lead Management System makes receiving, managing, and distributing quality leads easier and faster than ever before. With features like lightning fast counts, an easy three-step ordering process, order tracking, a one-click approval process, a smartphone-adaptive design, and full 24/7/365 control of your leads database, you can rest assured that your precious leads are exactly where you need them! 

Read on to discover five benefits of a professional lead management system, then schedule a free quote for your next Need-A-lead lead generation campaign today.

Improve Your Lead Nurturing

Just as important as getting leads is nurturing them so that they become actual sales. Our Lead Management System allows you to effectively nurture your leads through strategies such as direct mail marketing (Baby Boomers’ most preferred marketing method), email drip campaigns, social marketing, and more. Leads that are nurtured are not only more likely to become conversions, but they typically purchase more than leads that are not nurtured. 

Effectively Filter Your Leads

Our leads management database includes a number of filtering options so that you can rate your leads with ease. Comparing different demographics and other fields helps you determine which leads you should focus on and target them accordingly. 

Develop Keener Insights

Our Lead Management System offers advanced tracking options that allow you to follow along on the customer journey and get an unprecedented bird’s-eye-view of the decision-making and conversion process. This can help you create better customer journeys in the future.

Enhance Team Coordination

Lead management systems are especially useful for companies with multiple employees. Coordinating different actions for different sets of leads among various different people can get complicated — a lead management system allows you to monitor and collaborate with your entire team from one place, creating less room for miscommunication.

Improve Your Response Time

Today’s consumers want responses to inquiries immediately. Our Lead Management System offers real-time tracking, so that you can stay on top of any requests with ease. You can even schedule automated responses for requests during peak- and off-hours. 

Get Generational Marketing Lists With Need-A-Lead

Are you an insurance agent, company, or IMO working with the senior market? Need-A-Lead is your source for high-quality, affordable insurance leads. All of our leads are 100% exclusive and sourced from the best data in the industry; we never resell our leads for any reason. We offer flexible pricing options, including per lead, per 1,000 leads, or per 2,000+ leads (our most popular option). With turnaround times as fast as 2.5 to 3 weeks, you’ll be nurturing your leads in no time! We offer lead generation campaigns for a variety of different senior insurance leads, including final expense leads, annuity leads, long-term care leads, Medicare Advantage leads, Medicare Supplement leads, and turning 65 leads,

Best of all, each lead generation campaign includes 24/7/365 access to your leads through our new and improved virtual Lead Management System, featuring an intuitive interface and advanced tracking capabilities. To get started, schedule a free quote for your next lead generation campaign now!