5 Tips for Effective Lead Nurturing

One of your top priorities for your company is to get leads, plain and simple, as they are what help build relationships with clients and push them towards purchasing your product or services. However, building a strong and steady influx of leads can be a challenge. What’s even more difficult? Nurturing these leads until they become a final sale. Studies show that up to 74% of companies say that leads are their biggest concern, yet only around 35% of those brands have tactics in place to nurture those leads to become a final sale.

This week’s Need-A-Lead blog post discusses some important tips and tactics to help ensure that your company nurtures leads to become the final sale that you need.

Need-A-Lead has been a trusted source for lead generation campaigns since 1982. We’ve used our experience in direct mail lead generation to determine the best tactics for not only getting leads, but nurturing them too. We specialize in many lead types, including annuities, final expense, Medicare supplement and advantage, long-term care, and more! Read this week’s blog post to learn more about effective lead nurturing and contact us to learn more about lead generation services today!

What Is Lead Nurturing?

Lead nurturing is defined as connecting with your leads at various points in their sales journey. This could include anything from engaging with them through social media after they visit your site to a direct email after they make a purchase in an effort to encourage repeat sales.

This is a really important process, as it brings each of your leads closer to a final sale, which is the end goal. Lead nurturing works to push them through the sales funnel faster, which frees up time for you to start finding and converting other leads.

Tips for How to Nurture Leads

Through our experience at Need-A-Lead, we discovered some reliable ways that you can nurture leads so they become a sale. These tips can be found below.

Tip #1: Create an Established, Official Follow-Up Process

When generating leads and turning them into sales, it’s important to be consistent, which means that you have to have an official process for following up with each of your leads. This doesn’t mean you have to come up with some types of extravagant contact methods, but it does mean you need to contact each lead at the same point in their journey.

If you choose not to do so, you might be contacting your leads at the wrong time, which definitely won’t help you close the deal.

After each step in the lead process, be sure that each person is aware of who owns the next step, so that everyone is on the same page about how to proceed.

Tip #2: Use Multi-Channel Techniques

Many companies tend to use similar lead nurturing techniques to draw leads in after they begin the initial lead generation campaign. However, if you want to give yourself an edge against your competitors, we recommend thinking outside the box and using techniques that make use of multiple channels.

We’re not saying that you have to stop using tried-and-true methods such as an email drip campaign, but we are recommending that you pair your drip campaigns with paid retargeting, social media content, etc.

Tip #3: Be Timely

When it comes to lead generation and nurturing, you want to be sure that you’re following up in a timely manner, as this is one of the best ways to convert leads into a qualified sales opportunity.

We recommend immediate follow-up, as your offer will still be fresh in their minds, and the odds of conversions are exponentially higher than if you were to wait.

Tip #4: Get Personal

Prospective customers want to feel important. Sending personalized messages, such as emails tends to produce better results. It’s a proven way to deliver targeted content that is relative to current customers and prospects, and it adds value to their experience in doing so.

Tip #5: Prioritize

Of course, we all wish that we could turn every single lead into a final sale, but that’s just not the reality. That’s why, instead of focusing equal time and energy on each lead, we recommend prioritizing your leads to determine which need the most nurturing and the ones that offer the most value to your company.

When you create a lead generation campaign, there will be some leads that immediately become customers with little work. However, there will be some that require a bit more information and persuasion.

When it comes to leads that take a bit more work, we recommend creating a lead scoring strategy, in which you determine which leads would add the most value to your organization, and putting those at the top of the list.

Choose Need-A-Lead for Lead Generation Campaigns

At Need-A-Lead, we know it can be difficult to find quality leads, and that’s why we are here to help. We provide complete turnkey direct mailing services and lead generation services that can get you sales!

Our qualified and experienced team will work with you or your agency to develop a program or lead generation campaign that will generate a steady flow of prospects to help you grow your business!

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