5 Tips for Successful Direct Mail Marketing to Seniors

Investing in lead generation is one of the most important things you can do as an insurance agent or business. Getting your company’s name, brand, and policies in front of as many eyes as possible increases your chances of building valuable relationships. Need-A-Lead’s goal is to help you seek out those relationships and gather new clients, allowing you to help as many people in the senior market as possible. To achieve this, we have a few easy, invaluable tips for making your direct mailers and lead generation campaigns even more successful.

Maintain The Right Tone

It’s important for your direct mailers to not be overly sales-oriented. Consumers are smart and are likely to throw your mailers away without a second thought if you sound too much like a sales pitch. Your direct mailers need to come across as a friend would — maintain a helpful, reassuring and genuine tone to capture your senior market’s attention, enticing them to learn more about you. It’s important to have an open discussion with your potential clients, and to tell them both directly and indirectly that you’ll help them with whatever they need.

Use Clear, Concise Language

In order to prevent your direct mailers and lead generation campaigns from being thrown in the trash, they need to stand out. Consumers are likely to toss aside any insurance offer you have if they cannot understand what exactly you’re offering after a quick skim. Always use clear, concise language and directions that are easy for anyone to follow. Being straightforward and avoiding complicated jargon allows your target audience the time and space to genuinely consider your company. Point out the benefits of your insurance coverage and why members of the senior market need it while also remaining conversational. It’s also a good idea to avoid directly using the word “senior” as much as possible, as that can be a fast way to turn off a customer.

Remove Any Potential Risk

Chances are either your target market, seniors, or their adult children will be wary of junk mail and other similar scams. With their caution heightened, it’s important for your direct mailer to remove any essence of risk or loss of money. The best way to make your demographic feel secure and confident in your company is by emphasizing aspects such as no-obligation, money-back guarantee, a free quote or trial period, or a lifetime warranty. These get your foot in the door and reassure the reader that they will suffer no loss if your coverage isn’t right for them.

Make It Easy Contact You

Once you “hook” a prospective customer with preliminary information about your services, you need to make it as easy as possible for them to contact you to learn more. Give your readers easy instructions to contact an agent or customer support representative, so they are able to ask the questions they need to determine whether they’ll use your company. Alternatively, have your direct mailer clearly depict where a client can go to learn more information, such as a website. This makes it easier to generate interest in your company without feeling pressure to sign up.

Don’t Group Your Demographic

The senior market is quite diverse, and it needs to be treated as such. It’s important to not “lump together” different age groups within this market and to realize that different individuals will need different services. Your direct mailing campaign either needs to emphasize the different services your company offers for different ages (i.e. Turning 65, Final Expense, Medicare Supplement, etc.) or specifically target a certain section of the population. Individuals who are entering their retirement years will likely be in need of different insurance coverage than those who are still in their earning years.

Need-A-Lead Takes The Pressure Off You

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