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Also known as “burial insurance” or “funeral insurance,” final expense insurance ensures that a senior’s beneficiaries will have the money they need to cover the cost of death and funeral arrangements after their loved one’s passing. With the average adult funeral in America costing nearly $10,000, final expense insurance is a vital, yet often overlooked, protection for seniors.

If you’re an insurance company, IMO, or insurance agent, Need-A-Lead can provide you with a final expense lead list to help you close more final expense insurance sales. Read on to learn more about our proven, easy-to-navigate lead generation system then sign up for a free quote to discover how Need-A-Lead can help you take your business to the next level.

Why Work With Need-A-Lead?

  • Customizable and attractive direct mailers available in four different designs
  • Easy-to-use lead management and lead distribution system
  • 100% exclusive leads sourced from the best data in the industry
  • Flexible payment options — per lead, per 1,000 leads, or per 2,000+ leads (our most popular option)
  • Turnkey direct marketing campaigns including printing mailer, mail handling, postage cost, plus prompt return of leads to your business

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Receive your leads through our state-of-the-art online lead management system

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Convert leads into sales!

Why Work With Need-A-Lead?

The key to maximizing your potential in the final expense market is having access to a steady flow of fresh leads. Direct mail is the preferred marketing method for top final expense agents, and has been for years. This is because direct mail still offers the best return on investment with the baby boomer generation. Our turnkey direct mail solutions offer you everything you need to not only generate leads, but also market to them with attractive and effective mailers. With four different mailer formats to choose from — including postcards, bi-folds, tri-folds, and cards — Need-A-Lead makes it easy to reach your target audience. Our system is truly turnkey in that you pick all criteria (age, income, gender, etc.), the geographic area you wish to reach, which lead piece to use, and how many to mail. You can order as you go or have standing orders to ensure lead flows. The options are truly limitless!

Three Ways to Buy Leads

Another customizable feature of our direct marketing solutions is that you can choose exactly how you want to pay for your leads. Our most popular option is to pay for leads in groups, either per 1,000 or per 2,000, however we now offer a fixed cost per lead program, which guarantees that you know how much each lead will cost you. This is our fastest growing program and is extremely successful at keeping direct mail final expense leads in the agent’s hand. In fact, agents that request 20-30 new final expense leads every week regularly close 6-10 sales, or more!

The price for our services includes lead generation, printing mailers, mail handling, postage costs, plus all returned leads promptly faxed, emailed, or mailed to you. We promise not to resell your leads to other customers so that you have the best chance of getting conversions.

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Lead Generation Made Easy

Best of all, our new sales lead management system makes managing and distributing leads a breeze. By offering  you 24/7 access to your leads, our system allows you to generate and distribute leads at any time through our simple three-step ordering process.

If you're interested in implementing a lead generation campaign for your business, get a free quote today. In addition to final expense leads, we offer a variety of other sales leads for the senior market, including turning 65 leads, long-term care leads, Medicare Advantage leads, and more.

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