Frequently Asked Questions

Data is compiled from legal public information, such as the Census Bureau, Driver files, and Voter Registration files.
Orders are processed and mailed within 48hrs of payment.
Our normal turn-around time is between 2.5 – 3 weeks from the order date. Your leads are delivered electronically via Email and mail hard copies on a daily basis.
We can provide a copy of the postal receipt for your mailing upon request.
When utilizing our Per 1000 mailings we do guarantee that if your mailing gets zero returns we will re-mail at no additional cost to you. In addition we also offer a 1% guarantee on Final Expense & Medicare Lead mailings. We do not guarantee any other leads/custom mailings, but please ask us about the average response rates for the mailers you are interested in. We will provide you with historic response rates.
The area of your mailing is protected for 90 days from any like mailings through our company.
When you place a Per Lead order with us you are guaranteed the amount that you order at a fixed cost. If additional leads come in above your weekly order you will be responsible to pay for those leads. In the event that we do not fulfill the total number of leads ordered within 90 days of your first lead return, we will either apply that dollar amount toward your next lead order or mail a refund check for the difference.

What criteria will be used for mailing?
Ages: 50-85 Annual Income: $0-$60,000

What is the Cost?
Reoccurring orders: $29 per lead Minimum Order: 20 Leads Benefit: Fresh, fixed cost leads weekly.

What to expect from us:
• First mailing buffer (Extra mailers will be added to your first order at no charge)
• Please allow 3-4 weeks for leads to start coming in from your initial order
• Weekly mailing to generate your desired amount of leads.
• Leads are distributed every Tuesday & Friday
• Our goal is to fulfill the entire lead order; however, this may generate additional leads. We will do our best to keep that to a minimum.
• Additional leads above the current order may be held and distributed the following week in order to ensure your weekly order is fulfilled.
• Excel lead tracker (Your Excel file will be updated on the leads that come in along with any additional leads)
• An NAL admin will be assigned to place, distribute & track your lead orders weekly

What we need from you:
• Standing order placed with the number of leads requested. (exp: 20,25,30,35)
• Zip codes/counties in the order you want us to mail them
• Form of payment (CC or E-Check) for the initial order
• Saved payment method for additional lead charges
• Contact information: Email & address to send the leads

Any portion of the lead card, front or back, that is filled out fully or partially upon return is what we consider a lead. This includes a check box, name, spouse’s name, age and phone number, as well as any correction to the address or acknowledgement of address.
All leads are 100% exclusive to you. Each mailing has a unique PO and agent / user code generated for each mailing and is visible on every lead, to ensure you get every lead. We do not resell any leads for any reason.
You are responsible for ALL leads generated from your per lead orders. If you are not able to pay for your additional leads we will find a buyer for ONLY those leads that have not been paid for. Ordering on a per lead basis with us again will be on a case by case basis if you do not buy your additional leads.
If you would like phone numbers of your prospects, the government requires you to register with them to receive a SAN. We are required to have your SAN on file before phone numbers can be released.
Instructions for Completing Fillable PDF Order Forms
Some Need-A-Lead order forms may be provided in a fillable PDF format, which allows customers to enter data directly into the form using their computer and Adobe Reader. Once completed, the forms may be submitted through e-mail to Need-A-Lead as a PDF attachment via a desktop e-mail client (Microsoft Outlook) or Web e-mail account (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.).

Completing Fillable PDF Order Forms

  • You must have Adobe Reader to complete the fillable PDF form. If you do not have the latest version of Adobe Reader you can download it for Free from Adobe at
  • Download the PDF from your email and Save it to your computer.
  • Right click on the saved PDF file.
  • Click on Open With.
  • Click on Adobe Reader.
  • Fill in the information requested then press Tab, this will move your cursor to the next fillable field.
  • To select a Box, you can either click on the desired box or Tab over till the desired box is highlighted and press the Spacebar to mark that box.

Digitally Sign the Document

  • Click in the signature field
  • If you do not have a digital signature created you will need to create one. (Follow the directions given once you click the Signature box.)

Note: You only have to create your signature once. It will be automatically saved. The next time you have to sign a form your signature will automatically fill in.

Once the entire form is complete, save a final version of the file to your computer by clicking on the Save Form button. As stated above, the Save Form button provided on the form will open a Save As dialog box, which will allow you to save the form to a desired location on your computer.

Submitting Fillable PDF Order Forms

After you have completed the form and saved a final version of the file to your computer, you may then e-mail the PDF file to Need-A-Lead as an attachment via either a desktop e-mail client (Microsoft Outlook) or Web e-mail account (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.).

The price includes the list for mailing, printing, mail handling, all outgoing and returned postage, plus all returned lead pieces scanned, emailed, & mailed to you.
Once an order has been confirmed & mailed we will not refund any money. We do not guarantee lead return percentages on all mailings. A lead is an opportunity to sell your product and is not a guaranteed sale.