Lead Distribution 101

An effective investment for any insurance company, or agent, is lead generation; seeking mailing lists targeting certain demographics garners more opportunities for you to do business. Need-A-Lead does exactly that for the senior market and deals with a wide range of senior-oriented leads: Turning 65, Long-Term Care, Medicare Supplement, etc. But once you have your leads, how do you distribute them to your sales team? This decision needs to be considered with care, as it has the potential to either seal the deal or turn off the customer altogether.

What Is Lead Distribution

Lead distribution, simply put, is how a company determines which sales representatives have access to new leads — and who ultimately contacts potential customers about using a company’s services. Within each new lead is an opportunity to build a relationship while building a company’s public image, and thus shouldn’t be taken lightly. The entire process is meant to qualify new leads and increase a company’s chances of getting a foot in the door.

Benefits Of Lead Distribution

Determining exactly what to do with your Need-A-Lead senior market leads keeps your business running smoothly and has a greater chance of impacting new customers. Lead distribution strategies help your business a more efficient sales process; qualified sales reps  being matched up with the right sort of lead gives them the best chance of making a sale. Following the same strategy every time also reduces the number of lost leads and saves time for your sales department managers and leaders (who would otherwise assign leads themselves). It also prevents confusion among your reps as far as who is tackling new leads. In general a distribution plan shifts everything to be more automated and efficient.

Tips To Implement A Solid Strategy

If you’re looking to redesign your current distribution strategy, or create a brand new plan, the best place to start is with automation. The process of transferring Need-A-Lead’s generation results directly to your sales team can’t afford to be sloppy; the same can be said for transfers from your own marketing team to the sales team. Automating this transfer prevents any lost revenue. The next step is to determine lead quality, if they haven’t been examined already. Need-A-Lead takes care of this process for companies and agents alike by generating quality, exclusive leads right in your target market and location. Now comes the important decision of deciding how to give the right leads to the right sales reps, which can be based on:

  • Geographical location: Matching a lead’s location to a sales rep in the same area
  • Experience: Giving the most important, high-profile or valuable leads to reps with greater experience
  • Extertise: Taking into account a rep’s prior knowledge or experience when assigning leads
  • Performance: Using leads as a reward system for high-performing reps

No matter what plan you decide is right for your business, it’s important to update it and change if necessary. If your distribution plan isn’t yielding high return rates from leads, it’s best to test different strategies to find one that works best for you.

Get Started Now With Need-A-Lead

Need-A-Lead is proud to take some of this distribution work off your plate, by making sure all your senior market leads are of a high-quality. This prevents you from wasting your time sifting through leads and determining their worth. Our clients are also able to keep track of their direct mailing campaigns online using our Lead Management System, which takes more pressure off your own marketing and sales teams. Contact us today about setting up your own campaign and take a look at our samples!