Medigap vs. Medicare Advantage – Why You Need Need-A-Lead

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Medigap and Medicare advantage are both supplementary alternatives to the original Medicare plan. The main difference is how the two operate. Seniors are the ones who most benefit from these two insurance policies.

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The Medigap insurance policy helps clients cover out-of-pocket expenses. One of the reasons why seniors love this plan is that patients have access to more medical options. This means that they can choose different doctors and hospitals to attend to them.

However, clients can only see doctors who accept Medicare plans. For this type of policy, premiums are usually higher.

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Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage is a customization of the original Medicare plan, as it covers everything in the original policy and offers other benefits such as dental and vision care. Seniors prefer this plan as it charges fewer premiums.

Using the Medicare advantage plan, you cover all the senior hospital costs, including prescription drug coverage.

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Medigap vs. Medicare Advantage

Medigap covers costs not covered by the original Medicare plan, such as co-insurance and deductibles, while Medicare Advantage offers extra benefits such as vision and dental care.

Seniors have more doctor and hospital choices in the Medigap plan, whereas fewer Medicare advantage plans are available.

Medigap is the best option for seniors with serious health conditions, while Medicare advantage is better suited for those in good health.

Medigap and Medicare Advantage are good insurance plans for seniors. As an insurance company or agent, you would want to access more seniors as possible to sell these plans. Use Need-A-Lead services and grow your network in the senior market.