Signs Of A Quality Lead Generation Company

As an insurance company, or agent, you have a huge responsibility to reach out and help as many people as possible in your field — and in order to do so, you need help from people who are experts at finding new areas to pursue business. Need-A-Lead is proud to have serviced clients for over 50 years, and we’ve gathered a few important tips during that time for working with lead generation companies. There are several qualities you should look for when making a partnership decision in order to secure the best possible future for your clientele.

High-Quality In Several Demographics

The purpose of a lead generation company is to provide new, unexplored areas or markets for your company as a whole. Therefore, those supplied leads need to be high-quality with a high return rate. Need-A-Lead, for example, is designed to launch mailing campaigns that will give you tangible results in just two to three weeks. Your company may also be looking to expand marketing to certain demographics in any chosen area, in which case you need a lead company that caters to your own needs. A sure-fire sign of quality lead generation is if you’re supplied with personalized attention and identification of your best marketing demographics to target.

Specialized Lead Details

It isn’t just about the quality of the leads, though. A successful generation campaign needs to come from a service provider that specializes in your company’s insurance type. Need-A-Lead offers several types of leads in the senior market, including — but not limited to — annuity, final expense, turning 65, medicare supplement and medicare advantage. Our turnkey, direct mail lead generation campaigns will give you fast, reliable results that are applicable to what you can offer clients. For each new mailing, we provide a professional list of possible leads that are run through the National Change Of Address database.

Infographic Showing the 5 read flags in lead generation sources

Minimizes The Competition

All your investments need to be protected, including your lead generation investments. It’s important that when evaluating potential partnerships, you consider how your best interests will take higher priority. Need-A-Lead does this by ensuring your direct mail campaigns are not intercepted by other competitive mailings; the geographical area that your campaign is distributed to is protected for 90 days from any similar mailings through our company. We take your success, client acquisition and overall business functions very seriously, and do all we can to give you the best leads possible. Let us do the heavy lifting and searching for you, while you focus solely on making a great impression on prospective customers.

Discover Need-A-Lead’s Generation Resources

Now is your chance to better serve your senior clientele. Need-A-Lead offers several sample lead formats and order forms for companies to view here on our website. Our new online Lead Management System is also available for our clients to help them manage their entire campaign and results. Partner with the right lead generation company and make sure you’re taking a step towards measurable improvements. Request a free quote or contact us today to get started!