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Need-A-Lead is a lead generation company that specializes in the senior market. We offer a proven process for insurance agents, IMO's, and others to use our leads to generate sales. We've been in business since 1982 providing final expense leads, long-term care leads, Medicare Advantage leads, and so much more. Our proven process offers you a steady flow of qualified leads that rely on direct mail solutions. Reach out to our lead generation company to get started today!

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If you're a business owner, you know that to be successful you have to have customers. But just because you offer a service or a product doesn't mean that people will be knocking on your door, clamoring for it. In fact, getting the word out about your business is only half the story. You then must form trust between you and your customer (known as "nurturing" in marketing) before they convert, or buy your good or service. Lead generation is the first step in the conversion process, which is where you identify potential customers for your business. It is useful for any type and size of business. Contact Need-A-Lead to learn more today!

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Many years ago, lead generation consisted mainly of networking events. You as a business owner would have to attend many functions, events, and get togethers and talk to as many people as you could in order to hopefully find a few leads that would eventually purchase and/or use your product or service.

Modern lead generation has the internet to thank and to blame. While it's great that you can find more targeted leads without attending so many functions and spending so much time doing so, the internet has now made people very immune to marketing efforts and, in fact, people ignore most of what they hear and see. Your job is to break through this fog barrier and reach your potential customers. This will entail a combination of innovative thinking and old school tactics, such as direct mail lead generation. Contact us to get started today!

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When you partner with Need-A-Lead, you are getting just that — a partner who will help you every step of the way with not only lead generation, but also with managing your leads. You'll have access to our new and improved lead management online system, which gives you full control to your leads, as well as 24-hour access. You can order new leads online in three easy steps. These steps include:



You'll select the agent (or yourself), the number of leads, as well as the category, piece, and demographics.



The demographics portion is where you can tailor your leads. Here, you can select age and income range, gender, marital status, and more.



Billing is where you pay for your lead campaign. Simply enter your payment method, confirm order, and you're on your way to a successful lead campaign!

This process makes ordering leads a breeze. You'll be able to track your orders and your leads, while also managing and distributing them. You can even use co-op marketing dollars. Need-A-Lead is lead management made easy. Learn more today!



Step 1

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Step 2

We will find you prospects and send them a customized direct mailer


Step 3

Receive your leads through our state-of-the-art online lead management system

Step 4

Convert leads into sales!

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Generates a High Volume of Leads

Here at Need-A-Lead, we understand how hard it is to be in business for yourself, especially if you are just starting out. Your lead generation campaign will help you increase brand awareness, develop new relationships, get higher-quality leads, and generate more sales. Keep in mind that gaining leads is only the first step in the funnel; you have to nurture them in order to eventually get the sale.


Helps You to Convert Leads to Sales

While having a lot of leads is fantastic, this does you no good if they don't eventually turn into customers. Many sales agents experience this very scenario. For the most part, if this is happening to you, odds are, your leads are not the right kind of leads. You need leads who are interested in your product and/or service. Need-A-Lead helps eliminate uninterested leads, so you can focus on those that matter.


Helps You to Understand Your Lead Conversion Rates

It's super important that you understand the numbers and statistics behind your lead generation campaign so that you can better market and tailor your lead generation campaign. In our lead database management system, you can see all of the reports on your lead generation campaign, including cost per lead. Plus, since we only focus on the senior market, we have a unique insight into those types of leads, which is why our customers keep coming back to us again and again.


Helps You Stay Relevant

Many seniors embrace the times and technology as much as any other sector of the population. Our proven lead generation campaigns are very relevant. Our mailings are eye-catching and designed with the latest in marketing techniques in order to catch the eye of those who receive them. Our graphic designers tailor your direct mail lead campaign for your business. Plus, you can consistently have your name and brand at the forefront of your potential customers' minds. Contact us to learn more today!



Need-A-Lead has been helping insurance agents and companies, as well as IMO's achieve their sales goals for over 35 years. Our proven process and specialization on the senior market has led to superb closing rates and helping many insurance professionals be successful in their careers, as well as help those with their wonderful products and services. We offer turnkey lead generation campaigns with the goal of minimizing the work on your end. Our lead generation company handles the printing, mail handling, postage, and return of leads so you don't have to. With our online database, you can stay in the loop as well.

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So what are you waiting for? You need lead generation in order to take your career to the next level. Our team can answer any questions you may have and get you set up for success. Join the hundreds of others who we've helped with our lead generation campaign. Contact Need-A-Lead for a free quote today!

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