What Type of Life Insurance Lead Is Best for You?

Are you trying to break into the life insurance industry as a new agent? If so, one of the first places you’ll want to begin is with lead generation. However, do you know which type of life insurance lead is best for you? Today, Need-A-Lead is here to explain. We specialize in providing insurance companies and agents with exclusive prospects, so we understand which types of leads are best for different people. Keep reading to learn more.

Final Expense

If you’re just starting your insurance practice and have a low budget to work with, final expense leads are ideal. This type of prospect has a high closing rate within a shorter timeline, though they also have lower payouts. Many agents of all experience levels turn to Need-A-Lead for direct mail final expense insurance leads, however, because they’re efficient for supplementing income.


One of the most exciting prospects to work with are annuity leads due to the large payout they often result in. The downside is that this type is more expensive per sale, and closing each deal can take several months. We recommend annuity leads to expert agents skilled in selling and ready to make it big.

Turning 65

When you need a steady flow of prospects, turning 65 leads are a great niche within the senior market. They’re not as inexpensive as final expense leads, though they offer the perfect opportunity to cross-sell. After all, many clients entering their mid-60s will need additional life coverages!

Best Practice as a New Agent

At Need-A-Lead, we recognize that different types of insurance leads suit different agents. However, as a best practice, we suggest that new agents work with a variety of prospects to diversify their experience. By doing so, you’ll not only have a little bit of everything coming in, but you’ll also ensure that you’re knowledgeable on every coverage when an opportunity to cross-sell arises.

When you need the best final expense insurance leads, annuity leads, or anything in between, choose Need-A-Lead. We only offer exclusive, direct mail prospects, so you can access high-quality leads that are all yours. Get a free quote on our services today!