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Since 1982, Need-A-Lead has been a trusted source for direct mail lead generation and prospecting lists for the senior market. Need-A-Lead was established to service insurance companies, agents, and IMO’s nationwide with the most comprehensive lead package available in the industry. We are a family-owned-and-operated business bringing you the same honest service we have given to agents in the senior market for more than 55 years. Our goal is to provide quality leads to agents in the field from a company they can trust.

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Grow Your Annuity Leads

Need-A-Lead can help you access a wide range of customers in the senior market who are saving for retirement. A common worry among older Americans is the possibility of outliving their retirement assets, and being in the vulnerable position of not having enough financial means to live. However, this can be easily remedied with the right annuity, giving clients enough regular income to live out the rest of their lives in peace. Need-A-Lead can help insurance agents and agencies access thousands of older individuals who need an annuity. Learn more about our turnkey, direct mail lead generation campaigns that go beyond Social Security.

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Get Medicare Supplement & Advantage Leads

Many seniors across the country require help managing their Medicare, and there are two main ways insurance companies and agents can be of service: offering Medicare Supplement and offering Medicare Advantage.

Medicare Supplement is also known as “Medigap,” which is a health insurance plan dedicated to filling in “gaps” in a person’s existing Medicare coverage. It’s possible for a retiree or senior’s healthcare services and supplies to exist outside of this coverage, and they need help covering those costs. You can help them regain control of their lives and manage copays, coinsurance and deductibles with Need-A-Lead’s 100% exclusive marketing lists.

Medicare Advantage is also called Medicare Part C, and are plans offered by insurance agents or companies that go beyond Parts A and B. Medicare Advantage plans provide the same level of care and coverage, but also include extra benefits — these can include vision care, dental care, prescription drug coverage, and more. This plan has the potential to cost consumers less than the original Medicare plan while also providing several benefits necessary for older Americans to live comfortably. Customize your direct mailers now and learn more about how we can help you increase your business in the area.

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Increase Your Turning 65 Leads

A key component of reaching the senior market is to consider all the Baby Boomers who are getting ready to retire. Every year more members of this demographic turn 65 and are getting ready to enter their golden years; you can help them make the transition easier by giving them health insurance options that are perfect for their situations. Trust Need-A-Lead to give you access to new prospective clients with our exclusive direct mailing campaigns. Take a look at our sample lead formats and customize your own in order to reach as many new retirees as possible.

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Long Term Care & Final Expense Leads

Long Term Care Services are a common need among older Americans and their families. This type of insurance is important — even though it is not covered by Medicare — because it’s possible seniors will need assistance performing daily activities as they age. The long-term insurance care plans your company or agents can provide are invaluable to giving seniors the reimbursement they need to cover assistance services. Now is your chance to receive high-quality lead lists and direct marketing lists from Need-A-Lead.

Final Expense Insurance is also critical, as it allows families to get all their affairs in order before the loss of a loved one. With the growing costs of funerals and final preparations in America, this type of coverage allows a senior’s beneficiaries to make arrangements without going into the red. While often overlooked, this is an important service for all Americans, and Need-A-Lead can help you generate leads in this area. Choose from our list of sample direct mailer formats and manage your campaign entirely online; start helping seniors all across the country.

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We provide a complete turnkey direct mailing service. We have built a strong reputation in the insurance industry for delivering great customer service and leads that get you sales! As part of our service we will work with you or your agency to develop a direct mail program that will generate a steady flow of prospects. We offer field-tested and proven mailers with a clear call to action so your prospects will understand the needs, benefits, and how to respond. As a customer, you also have the option of customizing the message on any of the mailers we offer.

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Complete Turn-key Campaigns

Each campaign includes printing, envelopes, names and addresses for mailing, mail handling, and all outgoing and return postage.

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Graphic Design

We can create your custom lead piece. There is a $150.00 upfront charge for the design with $100.00 of that going back to the cost of your mailing at the time you mail this custom piece.

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We will help you identify your best market demographics (age, income, gender, home ownership, etc.).

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Professional List Management

New lists are ordered for every mailing. Each list is updated monthly and run through the National Change of Address database.

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Additional Lists & Exclusions

Names, addresses, and phone numbers are available at an extra charge. We also offer exclusions on all mailers with an additional fee.

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Fast Turn-A-Round Time

We process all lead orders within 48 hours of payment. Your leads will begin to return in approximately 2.5-3 weeks on average!

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Guaranteed Protected Areas

We protect prospects mailed to your area for 90 days.

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Lead Returns

All lead returns are emailed daily. Leads can also be mailed upon request at no additional charge.


Leads Database

Our new, comprehensive lead management and database system is now online. This system provides online ordering, reports, cost per lead, and more.


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